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3 Things You Need to Ask Before Taking Metformin for PCOS

So, your doctor gave you the diagnosis of PCOS.

He mentioned something about insulin resistance and handed you a prescription for metformin.

He said that using metformin for PCOS can decrease your level of insulin resistance.

But after all his explanations, you may be still wondering if this medication is right for you.

metformin for pcosIt may very well be the case. Studies have shown that metformin can decrease the level of insulin resistance, for both PCOS sufferers and diabetics. But like a lot of medications, we’re not necessarily getting to the root of that insulin resistance.

Taking metformin can help many women with PCOS, but before taking that medication, you need to be fully aware of its side effects and how it will affect your body. So to make the most informed decision, it’s important to ask the proper questions to your prescriber.

Because taking metformin for PCOS, just like any other medication, is not something that can be taken lightly.

So here are three questions you MUST consider asking your doc before you give metformin a go.




1. Do I Need Any Other Test Before Starting Metformin for PCOS?

Metformin is broken down by the liver to be eventually excreted by the kidneys through our urinary metformin for PCOSsystem. If you already have a poorly functioning liver or damaged kidneys, this drug, like any other drug using the same pathway, may accumulate in your body and further damage your organs. Getting your liver enzymes and kidneys creatinine levels checked with a simple blood test may help you prevent further damaging your organs, should you have any.


It’s very well possible that your doctor won’t agree, saying you’re young and healthy and don’t need those checked. But a close friend of mine found out she has renal insufficient in her 20s. She had no symptoms. Some doctors will tell you that you don’t need those tests, since your young and healthy.  I would like everything to be checked before taking a drug that has this much potential. Besides, if you were 100% healthy, your doc wouldn’t have to prescribe this pill. So better be safe than sorry!


2. How Can Metformin for PCOS Affect Me in the Long Run?


This is a valid question since there’s no cure for PCOS. This may mean that metformin for PCOSyou will have to take this pill for probably years to control that insulin resistance. Short and medium-term side effects include transient nausea, diarrhea, and heartburn. These usually resolve after several days or weeks. Long-term studies have shown that metformin, when taken for years, can favor vitamin B-12 deficiency, kidney and liver impairment, more often in people who already had underlying organ problems. Another, rare yet dangerous condition is called lactic acidosis. Lactic acidosis happens when the pH of your blood becomes too acidic due to certain metabolic activities.

Like I just mentioned, the risk to develop lactic acidosis is very low. But I feel like it’s still essential information for someone who takes it to be aware of it. It’s primordial to use the medication as prescribed and getting proper hydration to push the risk of lactic acid further away.



3. Will Metformin Help All my PCOS Symptoms?

You have to ask your doctor what to expect from this medication. For example, Metformin may help with insulin resistance and, sometimes,  the regularity of your periods. Some women have also been able to conceive after taking the daily dosage recommended of metformin for PCOS. It may be the reason why the doctor prescribed it in the first place.

But will it help your excess facial hair growth? Will it cure your acne? Will it help you lose weight? These are all questions you need to address so that you and your MD are on the same page. You need to have common goals and understand what to expect from this pharmaceutical regimen. And never forget that you’re allowed to decide that metformin for PCOSMetformin is not right for you.


You can choose to go the natural route. Or you can decide to try it for six months and re-evaluate if it had a positive impact on you over this period. The point I want to get across is that YOU are in control. You have to understand what you put in it and how it’ll react to you. Take control; you’re the one living in this body. Your doc has to understand that although he can prescribe everything he wants, you’re the one who makes the final decision of buying and taking the medication.


On Top of Metformin…

I would also strongly suggest trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle if it’s not something you’re already working on. There are so many books out there that speak about the ideal PCOS diet and exercises to maximize weight loss if you need to lose weight. It’s a big mistake to think that the medication is going to fix everything for you.


If you decide to take it, or if you’re already on it, choose to see as an aid, rather than a “cure.” In other words, don’t put all your eggs in the same basket. Do everything in your power to control your PCOS, including adopting a healthy lifestyle. This way, if you ever decide Metformin is no longer for you, you won’t be back to square one.

Are you on metformin?

What’s your experience with it?

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Please share with us!

Peace, Love, and Health









*Reference and studies on demand

4 thoughts on “3 Things You Need to Ask Before Taking Metformin for PCOS”

  • What a great website. I have a daughter, a stepdaughter and two grand daughters.
    The depth you went into describing what the medication does and the side effects it produces was very elaborate.
    I think side effects should be a major concern for people in this day and age.
    Your suggestion of a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating and regular exercise, is a foundation that everyone should live by.

    • Hi sprbst53, 

      It’s true, this info goes out to all the daughters, stepdaughters, grand daughters, mothers, grandmothers etc.. but also to men in general, as there are side effects to all medications taken for chronic conditions. Thank you so much for your encouragements and have an awesome day!


  • I was diagnosed with PCOS… I was so upset at the beginning, especially because modern medicine can’t explain the exact reason for this illness, on top of that there is no cure. All these medications are only helping with symptoms, that is all. That is why I’m trying some natural way to heal my body. Thank you so much for this knowledgeable article, I’ll be aware now.

    • HI Soby, 

      I hear you when you say you couldn’t find all the answers you were looking for in modern medicine. It’s both sad and ironical, since it’s supposed to be “modern” medicine. But I’m glad you seem to have found something that works for you, or at least, give you more answers. 

      I invite you to come and visit us every week as we share new articles on a weekly basis for PCOS cysters!

      Stauy blessed,


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