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4 Ways to Kick PCOS Symptoms to the Curb

PCOS symptoms are a pain, that’s a given. Women suffering from such are more prone to have anxiety and depressive conditions. It’s because syndromes like PCOS affect us both physically and mentally. It makes us despise what’s in front of the mirror: we think we’re too fat, that our face is ugly due to acne or facial hair; we hate when attention is brought upon us. And sometimes, we can’t even look at people in their eyes; we hide our blemishes with our hair…

What PCOS Symptoms Does to Us Women…

pcos womenWe’re just not comfortable in our skin.

And of course, this has repercussion on our psyche: if one doesn’t find herself attractive or woman-enough, she feels she doesn’t deserve to be in a relationship. She feels insecure about herself and gets anxious about her man leaving her for someone prettier or sexier.


Yup, hormonal imbalance is just a gigantic pain in the ovaries.


But there’s hope. And it all starts by accepting us for who we are. It’s tough; it’s hard, it’s difficult. But you’ve got to start appreciating yourself before even thinking about changing. Otherwise, something else will happen: even with positive changes in your physical appearance, your negative perception will remain. You’ll still think you’re fat, even when you’re fit. You’ll always believe you’re ugly, even if your acne and facial hair growth are in control.

In other words: change will never be enough: you’ll be in constant competition with yourself. And that’s draining, both physically and mentally. So you’ll be back to square one.

So I strongly encourage you to do something: Take ten blank post-its: write affirmations on each one of them. For example, things like: I am beautiful; I am smart; I am healthy…

Write them down, even if you don’t fully believe in what you’re writing.

what is pcos


After doing so, I want you to post them somewhere visible, ideally on a mirror, like on your bathroom or bedroom mirror.

Then, every morning upon waking up, you’re going to read those affirmations out loud, in front of your mirror.

I got very emotional the first time I did that: because it made me aware of the negative perception I had of myself: I didn’t believe in what I was saying, and it made me sad. After, all, I knew I was God’s beloved daughter, that my presence on Earth was no mistake. But, the world we live in and my physical appearance made me think otherwise.


Then it got better, (with fluctuations) depending on what kind of face I would get up with. But I learned to find true beauty within, which allow me to gain more and more confidence.

Beauty starts from within. Never forget that 😉

Then I was ready to work on the actual physical part. And I’m about to share some of the general guidelines you should follow when wanting to correct specific hormonal imbalances.

PCOS Symptoms Kicker #1: Try to Lose 10% Body Fat

pcos lose weightFor all my girls out there, yes, we need to accept and embrace our bodies.

But we need to understand that excess fat cells are biologically active and release active molecules that increase inflammation. Inflammation is a big problem, particularly when it comes to PCOS. Besides that, excess fat can lead to diabetes, hypertension and heart disease in the long run.

The literature shows that women with PCOS symptoms can have a significant relief of symptoms if they lose 10% of the weight, more precisely their body fat. This simple trick can boost one’s fertility.

But then you’ll ask me: how can we lose that percentage of body fat? I’d sum it up in two words: diet and lifestyle.


I know it’s redundant, but it is what it is. These are the only two things we have control over. Specific diets are catering more to women suffering from hormonal imbalance. Many women with PCOS experience positive results with the ketogenic diet, which consists mainly of a low carb, high-quality fat diet. Regardless, do whatever works for you.


PCOS Symptoms Kicker #2: Eat Whole Fibers

Did you know most people in America don’t eat enough fibers? I know, shocker!pcos lose weight

Your hormones need fiber. Fibers act like a brush by removing the excess hormones in our body. It’s also great for weight loss, as it gets rid of what your body doesn’t need or absorb, instead of sitting in your colon. In other words, they help with digestion and detoxification. Plus, they’re excellent prevention and management tools for high cholesterol and heart diseases.


Some Fiber Sources

pcos lose weight

-Legumes (beans, lentils, peas)

-Chia and flax seeds

-Vegetables (organic if possible)

-Fruits (such as dark berries, oranges, carrots)




PCOS Symptoms Kicker #3: Eat Healthy Fats And Wean Off Bad Fat Sources

pcos lose weightHealthy fats are also known as omegas. There are different types of omega fats, but the key is to balance your omega-3 to omega-6 ratio.

Ideally, we want to keep our ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 at 1:1 to 2:1.

Most people get too much omega-6, but people don’t know this can lead to inflammation too. Omega 3s are typically known to reduce inflammation. Not only that, but they can also regulate our mood and hormone production. Talk about PCOS friendly foods!


A Few Omega-3 Sources

pcos lose weight

-Natural, wild-caught Alaskan salmon

-Wild-caught sardines, anchovies, mackerel, and trout


-Soybeans and tofu (in moderation)


Some Omega-6 Sources

-Modified cooking oils like canola, sunflower and safflower oil,


-Poultry (free-range farming)

-Wheat and whole grains


PCOS Symptoms Kicker #4: Remove the Inflammatory Foods From Your Diet

Animal products are not your friends when it comes to hormonal imbalance. Meat consumption has been linked to fibroids and endometriosis, both hormonal conditions that affect our fertility. In the pcos weight lossHarvard Nurses Study, they followed 18000 women for eight years. These women were trying to conceive. Their diets were analyzed and revealed that just a single serving of meat per day led to more than a “30% greater risk of ovulatory infertility.”  Red meat consumption increased their infertility risk by 40%. That is simply crazy!

Highly processed food have nothing to offer you than lots of chemicals, hormone disruptors, and little to no nutrients.


pcos weight loss

Some drinks have inflammatory properties too. Such include alcohol, coffee, soft drinks. Alcohol jams your liver, which is a detox center in itself, that both produces and regulates hormones. Many think coffee helps them relax but it has the opposite effect on your body: it increases inflammation, indirectly increase your estrogen levels, cause insomnia, and raise your blood level of cortisol, which equal hormonal imbalance.


I know it’s not easy to give up on these foods as makes us feel good. Coming from a girl who used to drink at least 2-710 mL of sodas per day, and fast food on a regular basis, I know it’s hard. But it’s also possible. You don’t have to cut it altogether. Go gradually, fix realistic goals for your self on a weekly basis, and you’ll see: not only will you feel good physically, but you’re also going to feel better mentally over time. You won’t regret making this investment in yourself!


BONUS: The other thing you might need is supplementing with quality natural and organic supplements to give your body a boost in the right direction. To learn more about that, click right here.


What are you doing to control your PCOS symptoms?

Please share with us?

Peace, Love and, Health,


2 thoughts on “4 Ways to Kick PCOS Symptoms to the Curb”

  • Hi Didi
    I’ve recently been struggling with hormone imbalance. I’m always looking for ideas to get them all back in sync. I’ve recently heard about raspberry tea and maca root as good supplements to help with hormones. Do you know much about either of those specifically?
    Thanks for your thoughts and time!

    • Hi Lizzie, 

      Hormonal imbalance is not easy to deal with, but you’re doing great by looking for ideas to balance them. I have heard of both Raspberry tea and Maca root when it comes to hormonal imbalance. I’ve only heard good things, but haven’t try them for myself. Hence I wouldn’t be able to give you my personal opinion on it. 

      If you want to know about the supplements I personally take and trust, click right here, 



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