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Grocery Shopping: 5 Ways to Rock It

I won’t give you tips like: don’t go to the restaurant. That’s why this list isn’t your 29 ways to grocery shop. I’ll stick to the basics, as I personally think that deep down, you know what’s good for you. If you like your restaurant 1 a month, who am I to tell you to stop going to save a few dollars? In this article, we’ll focus on the principles of grocery shopping exclusively. Feel free to add some tips down below!


1. Eat Before Grocery Shopping

grocery shopping

Studies show that going out to grocery shop on an empty stomach results in people buying more unnecessary stuff. It’s a simple tip that can make a huge difference in the quality of the items you buy, but also in the amount of food you get and the price you end up paying. If you’re one that always blows up your grocery budget, it could be in part because you’re grocery shopping on an empty stomach. So, do yourself a favor, make sure you have a complete healthy meal before grocery shopping.


2.  Prepare a Grocery Shopping List

shopping listIn order to have a thorough grocery shopping list, you need to know in advance what meals you’ll prepare, let’s say, in the next week. So if you can, before even preparing your grocery shopping list, jot down on a piece of paper the meals you intend to cook. This way, it’ll be easier to visualize what you’ll need and what needs to be bought.

You can put a post it on your fridge door and write the food and products to buy and update it on a daily basis until the day for grocery shopping comes along. Having a list will reduce the frequency of quick trips to the convenience store (where items are typically more expensive than at the grocery store).

When you come to the store prepared, you usually spend less. But the key is to stick to what you need, that is what’s on your grocery shopping list!



3. Consider Online Grocery Shopping

Online grocery shopping is becoming more popular. Many big stores now offer that option. You can check your local online store website to see if they offer this grocery shopping

Grocery shopping online is more convenient for people with reduced mobility. But even if you’re fine on your two feet, it can save you a lot of time.  You are likely to spend less since it’s easier to keep scrolling than to end up face to face with a product you don’t necessarily need but want. In other words, it’s easier not to give in temptation while online grocery shopping.

Online grocery shopping delivery is usually affordable. Some offer delivery for free (tip only). Others ask for a small fee.

A couple of examples are Walmart, Tesco, and Peapod.

Walmart online grocery shopping is booming, especially in the USA. In Canada, we can shop online on the website, but we don’t have the option to buy groceries yet.

Tesco online grocery shopping is also another option and offers its services in different states in the USA.

Peapod online grocery shopping is another one



4. Stack up Only When There’s a Sale

grocery shopping tipsI don’t believe in overstocking, but I can recognize a good deal when I see one. And I’d be a fool not to profit from it. After buying an item time and time again, you come to know its price value. For example, if your toilet paper roll pack of 12 is usually at $10 and fall down to $7, you’re saving $3 off every pack you buy. So depending on your budget  (always try to budget!), you may want to take a few more packs of rolls than you would usually take.




5. Download Couponing Apps 

app couponing grocery shoppingCouponing manually is, for most people, a long and tedious process. And it was for me. Plus, I would always lose my coupons, which made me even more frustrated because, first of I had to cut those coupons and still to pay full price for my items (Of course I would realize I’d lost the coupon at the cashier’s and was ashamed not to pay it in full amount… SMH).

My life has been easier since the arrival of couponing apps. Most of them are practical, offer good rebates and are fairly easy to use. But most importantly, they make you save money on things you’d buy anyway!

And that should really be the goal of couponing. I’d say the best way to go at it, is to combine tip #2 with this one, so that you don’t end up buying things you didn’t plan to buy, just because you had a coupon. It would just ruin the whole process of saving money since you’d be buying more things.

There so many free coupon apps nowadays like Zweet, Checkout 51, and Ebates which offer you cool rebates or money cash out once you’ve accumulated a certain amount in your bank, you’d be crazy not to take part of it!


There you have it! I use all of these tips, and I recommend you do. Being healthy starts with what you eat. And being equipped to make the best choice for you and your family starts with these tips!

Again, feel free to add some more!

As always,

Peace, Love, and Health









2 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping: 5 Ways to Rock It”

  • Thank you for all the great shopping tips. I recently started ordering groceries online from my local store. I still have to pick them up and pay a 5 dollar fee but feel like it has been worth it. I like it because I make healthier food choices and no impulse buys.

    • Hi Lisa,

      Well done! By ordering online, you’re not only avoiding the temptation of buying impulsively, but I’m sure you’re also saving time and frustrations that may come with grocery shopping (not finding what you’re looking for, having to wait in line at the cashier!

      Keep up the awesome!


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