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About Me

Hi, I’m Oudlie, but you can call me Didi.

Well, firstly, I’m a human being (I kid you not!)

I’m a woman.

An unapologetically black woman.

An enthusiastic Christian.

A wife, a daughter, and a CYSTER.

I also happen to be a nurse and a certified health coach.

Helping women control their hormonal imbalances, dealing with their acne, irregular periods, fight off food cravings and losing weight is what I do. This is achieved by connecting with their inner potential, making them aware of their strengths, and assisting them to find a mental and spiritual balance.

But I’ve been a patient too.

After years of feeling helpless trying to take care of myself, I learned about health coaching and its numerous benefits. I’ve implemented it in my life, changing my diet, building an exercise routine, and finding effective stress management tools. With God’s help and all those little, simple, yet important steps, I was able to reverse many symptoms that showed my body was struggling.

I need to share those discoveries with you because, in 2017, too many people are dying from chronic illnesses that are reversible; in 2017, the pharmaceutical industry has made its way inside of too many homes.

pcos livingIn 2017, something has to change.

Too many women are struggling with hormonal concerns.

Too many of us deal with infertility.

Too many want to lose weight but feel like something’s blocking them from doing it.

I want to help you because as a nurse, my primary function is to care for you.

As a health coach, my role is to empower you.

And as a Christian, my first and foremost duty is to love you.

So that you finally become prosperous and healthy, in all ways possible!


To Your Peace, Love, and Health



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