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4 Oils to Kick Your PCOS Acne to the Curb!

Healing PCOS Acne Naturally

What? Healing PCOS acne with oils? That makes no sense Didi! Excess oil CAUSES acne, so why would you want to fight fire with fire? essential oil for acne

I hear you say this, and I know it seems paradoxical. But trust me: I was skeptical for a very long time. But sometimes, despair makes you try all the concoctions you find on the internet. Then after getting burnt (sometimes literally), I finally decided to approach the matter with careful research. And it’s the results of these trial and errors that I’m sharing with you today.


I know what it feels like, to be an adult, a grown woman, yet having the face of a teenager. Trust me; I’ve been there. It left me feeling ugly, unattractive, and ashamed. I was so self-conscious about my acne that I would miss days at University due to a bad breakout. Or I would speak with my hand in front of my mouth, or I would have significant issues with looking at people in their eyes. PCOS acne can be very debilitating. It’s one of the worst symptoms of PCOS if you ask me.



essential oil acneLuckily, with some research about moisturizing oils, a somewhat “aggressive” non-natural temporary treatment (ACNE.ORG) and some long-lasting changes in my diet, I was able to get my acne in control. After so many years, decades of fighting acne, I’ve discovered oils for acne, and since then, my life has changed. And I say “life” because it’s true: your life isn’t the same after you heal your face: you’re not self-conscious anymore. You can go out to the drugstore without makeup and without feeling like everybody’s looking at your zits. It just lifts a weight off your shoulders, and you’re able to live again. So I encourage you to actively seek a remedy for your acne while trying to understand the underlying cause of it. For me, it was hormonal imbalances, diet, and nutritional deficiencies. So my hormonal acne treatment needed to take all those three aspects into account. It may be different for you; so trying to cure your acne naturally and on many different target points are the best ways to deal with it.



In this blog post, I’ll share four oils that have helped me overcome PCOS acne. Hopefully, they can help you too!


Oil #1: Coconut Oil for PCOS Acne

Coconut oil and acne have been friends for a long time. You’ve probably heard about this duo if you’re suffering from acne. Now there’s this debate that coconut oil will induce acne. It’s not entirely accurate. I’m a living example of a coconut oil and acne case study: the very first time I tried coconut oil for my acne, it broke me out like crazy. I was on the floor. I had heard so many great things about it that I felt betrayed by it. So after two days, I just threw the coconut oil.


That was years ago, and I didn’t know I could have cooked with it or even put it on my hair, silly me! I’ve recently taken all my courage to try it again because many people on the web were praising its properties. It broke me out … again. I did more research on it, and I read multiple times that the initial breakout is the result of a purge your skin goes through: because that’s what coconut oil does: it brings out the impurities to the surface of your skin to eliminate them.


So this time around, I didn’t stop on day 2: I continued, and indeed, my skin did clear up after a few days. And I never experienced that massive breakout while on it again. And I don’t know if you’ve ever felt those under the skin tiny bumps; like acne waiting for the “perfect day” to come out, if you know what I mean. Anyway, these bumps, with coconut oil disappear. It’s almost as if the coconut oil is preventing them!


Some of the properties of coconut oil for acne:

-Inflammation fighter

-Antimicrobial agent (eliminates the bacteria of acne)

-Acne growth inhibitor (prevents acne from occurring)

-Moisturizer (nourishes the skin)

-Wound healing agent


What I Use:

This is the coconut oil I use for acne (you can also click on the image): it’s on the high range price, but it’s the one that works the best for my skin. I can only speak for this one, as it’s the one I use for both my skin and cooking. It’s cold-pressed in a short amount of time which further reduces the risk of mold growth or the dangers of other impurities. But this is only my preference, and you can use a different brand of coconut oil as I’m sure others can also be effective.

4 Oils to Kick Acne to the Curb



Oil #2: Tea Tree Oil for PCOS Acne


Tea Tree Oil has earned its reputation as THE oil for fighting acne. It has many benefits, and a lot of acne sufferers report an improvement in their skin condition with its use. And I’m one of them. I actually use tea tree essential oil, BUT only 1 or two drops that I mix with approximately 100 mL of coconut oil, which called a carrier oil (an oil that will support the essential oil and manage its potency). Please, people, don’t do like me: I heard about the benefits of tea tree oil: I had some essential al at home, so I took some of it (probably around seven drops), poured it on my hands, and started rubbing it on my face. Ugh, the horror: I learned the hard way that essential oils are EXTREMELY powerful and potent; that many of them need to be mixed and used with caution. It burnt me, and by the look of it, I would say to the 2nd degree.


My skin was inflamed and sensitive many weeks after that mistake. So I beg of you, even if you buy the tea tree oil and not the essential oil, please dilute it. What’s working for me is two drops of tea tree essential oil for 100 mL of coconut oil. It may not work for you, as our skin tolerance is not all the same. Consequently, I suggest you try with one drop in a 100 mL, and slowly build up from there.



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Tea Tree Oil Benefits for Acne:

-Skin disinfectant

-Antimicrobial agent

-Spot treatment (I’m telling you, it works overnight…for me!) Do you that, have a few drops on a Q-tip and dap it for a few seconds on a pimple.


What I Use:

I use this tea tree essential oil and it has done a fantastic job for my skin so far, so I’m sticking to it. In addition, this one will last you for years!

Plant Therapy Essential Oils


Oil #3: Jojoba Oil and PCOS Acne

Jojoba oil is another great oil for skin. You’ve probably heard of the fact that it’s very similar to sebum, which is the oil our gland secrete. By applying any oil on your skin, you’re trying to trick your skin into not having to produce any extra oil itself. We all know that acne sufferers tend to have oily skin; it’s the clogged pores that generate acne. I find that jojoba oil, being lightweight and very subtle, helps to soothe my skin.


Some Properties of Jojoba Oil:

-Anti-inflammatory agent

-Oil Controller

-Skin conditioner

-Anti-aging agent


What I Use:

I use the Pure Jojoba Oil by Desert Essence. It’s my #1 go-to Jojoba oil. I love its very subtle smell. Plus the color and consistency make me think I’m applying liquid gold to my face.


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Oil #4: Rosehip Seed Oil vs. PCOS Acne

Finally, rosehip seed oil is probably the holy grail oil is you’re like me. Even when the acne is completely gone, well you may not be entirely satisfied because of the remaining acne scars. When you’ve got acne scars that are years old, you can’t rejoice in not having acne anymore. Consequently, you still feel uncomfortable going to the grocery store without makeup because of all those visible flaws that are marking your face. As for me, I’ve been self-conscious about my acne mark since high school. It was a burden for me. Literally. So when I found out about rosehip seed oil, I knew I had to get me one bottle of that liquid gold. And It didn’t disappoint me: slowly but surely, all my acne scars began to fade away. And I’m talking about marks that were at least ten years old! Therefore, I strongly encourage anyone who’d like to get rid of those annoying, stubborn acne scars to try rosehip seed oil.


Some Properties of Rosehip Seed Oil:


-Skin moisturizer (hair and nails too!)

-Scar healer

-Fine wrinkles and lines eraser

-Natural skin brightener


What I Use:

I’ve tried different brands of rosehip seed oils, and this one is by far the one that helped heal my scars. It’s the Organic Rosehip Oil from Foxbrim Naturals. It’s USDA-certified organic, cold-pressed, natural, and unrefined.

Have tried any of these oils?

Any oils you’d like to add to the list?

Please share with us; someone could benefit from your experience!



Peace, Love, and Health




2 thoughts on “4 Oils to Kick Your PCOS Acne to the Curb!”

  • I never really thought about using oils to fight acne! Although I have tried using tea tree oil before but it stings my face that I stopped using it.

    I wish I was taught this information back during my early high school teenage years where my acne was just beginning!

    Thanks for the tips, really helpful.

    • Hi Flavia,

      I know right! I would have like to get this info much earlier on in life too! But it’s never too late to learn something onsightful! If you already have a regimen that works for you, don’t change anything…but if it isn’t, now could be the time to try something new! 

      Thanks for stopping by and come back anytime.

      God bless you,


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