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Cysters! If you’ve got PCOS, the chances high are that you’ve heard of the PCOS Ketosis Diet. Contrary to popular beliefs, the Ketogenic diet is not a new thing: it’s been here for a long while. Many people who have studied this lifestyle believe this is the way our ancestors were able to go through long fasting periods. Because with the PCOS Ketosis diet, your body’s metabolism shifts: instead of fueling your body and brain to sugar, you’re using fat (good fat, or if you want to lose weight, your body fat). It makes a huge difference as to how you think, how you feel, and the way you carry yourself.

Here you will find a bunch of helping tools to help you transition from a carbohydrate fueled diet to a keto-adapted lifestyle. I call them my PCOS Ketogenic Diet Essentials!

I would not recommend these products if I didn’t believe in them.


The 30-Day Ketogenic Cleanse: Reset Your Metabolism with 160 Tasty Whole-Food Recipes & Meal Plans

This book thought me a lot of what I know about the Ketogenic diet. It is easy to read and provide a lot of informative content as well as easy to do recipes. I’m so glad I bought this book before starting this lifestyle, as it facilitated my transition from eating almost everything, including a lot of carbs, to eating a minimal amount of carb for thirty days. Maria Emmerich, the author of this book, touches on everything related to Keto: the right balance of food in a plate; the supplements to take for a smooth transition; the kind of exercises that are recommended and finally a variety of recipes that are delicious and easy to make. I strongly recommend this book to boost your knowledge of the PCOS ketosis diet.



Keto Electrolyte Tablets

Living the Ketogenic life can put you at risk for electrolyte imbalances.  Eating a low carb diet can lead to levels of insulin to go down rapidly, as your body loses the insulin resistance. That can lead to your kidneys releasing more fluid than usual. During the release of fluid, some electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, and magnesium can also exit your body, causing your electrolyte reserve to be depleted.

As a result of that, you may experience headaches, cramps, dizziness or lack of energy, or what keto people refer to the Keto flu. It is partly caused by the electrolyte imbalance that occurs with shifting your metabolism in a PCOS Ketosis Diet.


I like these tablets because they contain many electrolytes, which means you don’t have to take several pills. They are hydrating electrolyte replacements that are perfect for low-carb keto lifestyle.  Some of this product claims are that it boosts energy, stamina, and recovery. It’s kind of like a 4-in-one. I also like the fact that they are vegetarian-friendly, although I am currently not vegetarian. I select the types of meat I eat wisely, hence having meat-based gelatin removes my control over that. So having this kind of vegetarian supplement is perfect for a control freak like me!




Vegetable Spiralizer and Cutter –

When it comes to the PCOS Ketosis Diet, zucchini pasta noodles are a must. I saw a spiral slicer as an investment! Since I knew I wasn’t going to eat any spaghetti -nor any pasta as a matter of fact- for a long time – I knew I would be at risk of craving their taste and consistency. If you haven’t tried them already, you should try making your own zucchini pasta. They’re a real delight and mimic the texture of pasta very well. And adding a pinch of Himalayan or Sea salt does the trick!




Bakeware Handmade Non stick Stoneware Loaf Pan

I don’t know if you’ve realized by now, but becoming Keto sometimes means to give up bread, and I mean bread as we know. The good thing is that you can make your Keto-friendly doe! And you don’t need much when it comes to material. A deep bakeware like this one is truly all you need aside from your ingredients. And there’s a great bread recipe in Maria Emmerich’s book! This one is made of stone, which I love, since most others can have PFOA, PFA, and aluminum, chemicals known to cause severe illnesses such as fertility issues, cancers, and brain diseases. It also happens to be dishwasher safe and easily rinses out! It may not be the most beautiful, or most appealing bakeware, but it inevitably gets the bread done!



Hamilton Beach Automatic Ice-Cream Maker

Nobody should have to give up ice cream. Nobody. But some think that the ketosis diet equals to no ice cream. That’s false. Storebought ice creams often contain a lot of carbs and other undesirable ingredients. If you want to make some of your own because you cannot give up the delicious taste of ice cream, investing in an at-home ice cream machine is a good idea. Now there are two types of ice-cream maker machines: the automatic and the manual ones. I prefer the automatic one, as you can efficiently multi-task while your ice cream is ”cooking.” If you prefer to stay free of the automatic one, this is a good alternative. But the standard (manual) ones tend to Regardless; you’ll end up with creamy and moist ice cream proudly made by yourself!



Nature’s Way 100% Potency Pure Source MCT Oil From Coconut 

Adding MCT oil to your ketogenic diet is a great way to speed up the switch in your metabolism. By giving your body more lipids, you’re helping your body to become keto-adapted faster. The fat from dairy product and animal sources take longer to be processed through the liver (they have to go through the lymphatic system, through the heart and muscles to finally get to the liver. MCT, which stands for medium-chain triglycerides, does not use this pathway: it goes straight to your liver after digestion. Once in the liver, they are converted into ketones readily sent to where the needs are.

The MCT oil will propel your PCOS Ketosis Diet to another level. When I cheat by eating too many carbs, I usually try to ”damage control” by taking a few spoons of that oil. Not only will help my body not reverting.





This MCT Oil is:

-Certified Paleo

-Certified Vegan

-Non-GMO Project Verified




-No Filler Oils


Stevia in the Raw Packs (500 Count)

While on a PCOS Ketosis diet, you’ll want to minimize or even remove all sources of carbohydrates, including refined sugar. Due to this, you’ll need something to replace the sweet taste. Stevia in the Raw packets is just what you’ll need since it has no calorie. It’s not your typical sweetener, as it is directly derived from the Stevia plant. Most artificial sweeteners are full of chemicals that could cause damage in the long term (their long-term effects are still under investigation), so sticking to Stevia extract to me is the safest way to go. With this you can sweeten your teas and coffees; you can bake and do so much more while still reaping the benefits of the Ketogenic diet.


MegaFood – Women’s One Daily Multivitamin  

Whether you want to embark on a PCOS Ketosis journey or not, I believe a good multivitamin is a staple. I’m a fan of MegaFood product because they seem to be pretty transparent about the source of their products. Most vitamins and mineral are derived from organic, fermented (yeast-derived) actual food, which is a considerable contrast to the synthesized ones that are widely available in the local pharmacies.

This particular multivitamin contains ingredients such as chaste berry and Angus cactus, both usually helping with hormone imbalance. It also contains iodine. Iodine deficiency may lead to cyst formation as per some studies, including this one. Some people have complained of developing acne while taking this multivitamin. I can’t say this was true for me. I am pleased with this vitamin and do notice a decrease in energy if I don’t take it for several days. It’s also a great mood stabilizer for someone like me who sometimes get premenstrual mood swings (By saying this, I am not recommending it for people with mood disorders).

The pills are on the big size side, and for people who have a hard time to swallow pills, it might take a while to get used to!


10% Off All Vitamins at Walgreens

Genuine Health Advanced Gut Health Probiotic (15 Billion) 

Did you know that a good probiotic supplement can decrease blood sugar levels and insulin resistance? An extensive study was done in 2015 on PCOS women in 2015 showed this. For this reason, I take a good probiotic every day. Mine contains 50 billion CFU, but I initially started with 15 billion CFU, and it was a smooth transition. I like the Genuine Health company: I’ve never had any issues with abdominal cramping, or diarrhea. It also doesn’t have to be refrigerated, unlike many other probiotics. It’s great for people who experience constipation due to the high prevalence of meat in the PCOS Ketosis diet.


Have you tried the PCOS Ketosis Diet? Any staple products or must-haves you’d like to share with us?

Please do!

Peace, Love, and Health



4 thoughts on “All About The Ketogenic Diet aka PCOS Ketosis Diet”

  • Nice list of tools you got there.
    I find the list to be very helpful, and definitely informative since i am new to the keto lifestyle especially the book recommendation.
    I am however unsure about the utensils like the bakeware pan. Is it necessary to bake your own doe to live the kto lifestyle?

    • Hi Aaron, 

      No it’s absolutely not necessary. But I know a lot of us do like bread, and having to stay away from ”regular bread” can be hard if you don’t have a replacement. That’s why I recommend using this bakeware pan: to be able to cook your own Keto friendly bread, should you want to!



  • What a great list. I have yet to find a keto bread that I like though. The ones I have had so far, usually made with coconut flour and eggs with maybe almond flour, are dense and taste really egg-y, and, I discovered I am allergic to eggs. Any suggestions?

    Also, do you know if stevia, even though it has zero carbs and zero calories, would perchance still stimulate the release of insulin because of the sweet taste? Just curious about that. Thanks!

    • Hi CoconuttyWife (awesome name by the way!)

      I’ve never made a Keto bread without any eggs, but a quick search on the internet allowed me to find one for you. If you try it, let me know what you think of it 😉

      The awesomeness of Stevia is that no! It doesn’t trigger an insulin response, even if it is a few thousand times sweeter than refined sugar. That’s what makes it a great ally when it comes to living a low carb life!

      Hope this helps.

      God bless, 


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