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From One PCOS Girl to Another: I’ve Been In Your Shoes

First Things First…

I know how it feels.

To be a woman.pcos women
But not feeling whole.

There are so many reasons why women with PCOS feel less than they truly are.
First, there’s this thing we call “adult acne.” That thing that’s supposed to go away after our teenage years, because it’s due to HORMONAL IMBALANCE.

But for women with PCOS, it seems like that imbalance never goes away…
It makes you feel less than a woman when you constantly have to pluck those stubborn dark hairs from your chin weeks after weeks. And that’s only if you got it good, right? We all know that some of us have no other options than to shave.
It makes you feel less than a woman when you’re having a hard time to figure out when’s your next ovulation day, to get pregnant.
Irregular periods are a pain, period. It can be so hard, trying to foresee when your next menstruation will come and say “Surprise!” It’s hard on your body because you don’t get that monthly maintenance/housekeeping service, so toxins can accumulate. But it can also crush your spirit, as it can be quite depressing if you’re trying to conceive.chronic stress
And of course, there’s this biological clock, right?

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What Happens Next…

You may be feeling like your body’s just letting you down, betraying you.
So you end up resenting life. You’re frustrated at work. Fed up with your husband who didn’t take the frozen chicken out for dinner as you told him to do.
Frustrated about your current situation, and everything life throws at you. Or you’re annoyed when someone invites you to a baby shower.

Then you try to take control of the matter and decide to go to the doctor’s office. You may be leaving the office with some blood tests to do, perhaps an ultrasound and a prescription.

Yup, those famous prescriptions!what is pcos

There you’ve got a couple of options.

If you’re not trying to get preggers, the doc will probably put you on “the pill” aka the birth control pill.

Because, logically, something created in a lab can magically fix all your hormonal problems, without any potential damage or side effects, right?

If you’re actively trying to conceive, then they may decide to put you on metformin or HCTZ or something else.
And if you ever stop any of those meds, chances are your symptoms of PCOS will come back.  But did they ever really left, or were they masked by the pill’s effect?
Food for thoughts…

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This all makes me think of a band-aid: masking things to pretend everything’s alright.

But that’s only my opinion.
And the subject of another post.
So you may feel helpless or hopeless, just like I was.
But I’m here to tell you that there is hope; that in most cases, “PCOS” is controllable NATURALLY too!
You don’t have to ingest things full of potential side effects.
You don’t have to keep trying and not get any results.
pcos awareness
I believe it all starts with faith.
Have faith that something better’s ahead.
Have faith that God can heal you through a natural regimen; an easy to follow protocol and the food He created.
All you have to do is believe and act on it.
Want to know more about that?
I think you’re ready for a change.
Do you agree?

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Peace, Love, and Health



4 thoughts on “From One PCOS Girl to Another: I’ve Been In Your Shoes”

  • I know that my son struggles with this as well. We have tried prescriptions, the over-the-counter medicines that have high reviews, just anything really. Poor guy can’t get any relief. He has to take testosterone everyday because of a low amount of this hormone in his body. This of course, keeps the pcos at full scale all the time. It is very frustrating to see him trying to find ways to get rid of it to no avail. I know your pain~!

    • Hi Matt’s mom!

      Many don’t know that hormonal imbalances can affect both men and women. In your son’s case, it wouldn’t necessarily be PCOS (since he doesn’t have ovaries), but yes, any hormonal imbalance is a real pain. For someone who’s tried it all, I’d recommend going back to basics, which includes cutting certain foods out from their diet, drinking an adequate amount of water, getting enough exercise. Some herbs and teas can make a significant difference in one’s life. Be sure to come back or tell your son join us for more tips and tricks are revealed!

      Thank you so much for stopping by!

      Tell your son I say there’s always hope. 

      Be blessed


      RN, BSN, CHC 

  • This post hits really close to home for me. Everything you talk about is so true and it’s a struggle that so many women suffer in silence.
    I was diagnosed with PCOS about 3 years ago and I was told my best chance at getting pregnant was straight to IVF. My husband and I decided to give it a try but it didn’t work (and after insurance still cost us over $10,000). We struggled with infertility for over 6 years.
    About a year ago I miraculously got pregnant completely naturally and just had my sweet baby boy 2 and a half months ago.
    Thanks for offering the encouragement that so many women need.

    • Hi Briana,

      Such a powerful testimony…thank you for sharing. Bottom line, you should never think doctors have the faith of your life in their hands. I personally believe that it is God who gives, whenever He wants, however He wants. 

      Thank you so much for sharing, and I hope you live a healthy and abundant life!

      Come back anytime

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