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About Diet and Nutrition

nutritionThe doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.

-Thomas Edison

Some say Thomas Edison never wrote or said this famous quote. Regardless, I think the quote is accurate. Functional diet and nutrition, functional medicine, lifestyle medicine and epigenetics are all relatively new terms of the present century that speak to the importance of healthy lifestyle practices, mainly food, exercise, and stress management.

If Thomas Edison did say this, I think he would be astounded if he were to step into a hospital today. Just seeing the type of food that patients get would make him cringe!

Because diet and nutrition are what’s killing us, and they are what can bring us back to life.

Diet and Nutrition: My Experience as a Hospital Nurse

As some of you may know, I spent my last three years in ER-Trauma, as a nurse. Needless to say that I’ve seen sick people.

I’ve seen severe trauma cases, and I applaud the trauma emergency docs and surgeons who are indeed saving lives and working miracles, all with God’s help.

However, when it came to lifestyle diseases, there’s still a lot that can be done.

Obese patients would come into ER with acute pancreatitis, and would almost always leave for the floor without lifestyle health advice to prevent the recurrence of pancreatitis. And most of the patients didn’t know that a recurrent pancreatitis disease does increase the risk of developing pancreatic cancer.hormones

So as one individual, working for the promotion of health and prevention in ER, it was ineffective. I always felt like I didn’t have enough time to guide people towards making healthier eating and lifestyle choices.

I quickly realized that it wasn’t the proper setting, nor the appropriate timing; that those people coming in the Emergency room needed healthy living advice BEFORE actually presenting in ER. My interventions as a health coach could have a more significant impact in the community, or at least not during a health crisis as this is probably the time when people are too scared for their health to process any health information.

 That’s why I decided to leave ER and work both in the community and online. Because I personally believe that Thomas Edison’s quote on health prevention is key to a healthy and happy life.
Plus, it was so hard for me to give dairy, sweetened fruits, and all those terrible food choices to sick people. The more I learned about holistic nutrition, the more I was getting upset with what was given to patients in hospitals. Believe or not, I just couldn’t stand it anymore. Since I couldn’t destroy the system, I had to leave. ASAP. And I did.

Why Is It So Hard to Get Nutrition Advice From Conventional Medicine?

Sadly, almost two centuries later, most conventional medicine practicing doctors are still not futurist enough to at least involve diet and nutrition in their disease prevention and treatment algorithm.

Some do, but most don’t.
 superfoods list

Yet, everything points towards nutrition! So why aren’t physician instructing people to get more active, eating healthier and reducing their stress levels?

This, my friend, is an excellent question. And I wouldn’t be able to answer it in one single post. But I can sum it up by saying that procedures and treatments fuel the health services of our countries. For example, a doctor who gives good prevention advice to a 50 years old man who’s at risk of heart attacks may get some money; usually not a whole lot of money. But a surgeon who does a triple bypass on that 50 years old man who’s had a heart attack will make loads more money. And the doctor who will prescribe the blood pressure and anticoagulant medications will also make money.

And I mean, they’ve got things to pay too, right? They studied hard and had med school bills, a mortgage, children expenses and what not. So of course, they need to make money. So this is not entirely their fault: it’s just how the system is built.

Positive Notes on Diet and Nutrition…

On the brighter side:

  •  More and more people are getting involved in their health.
  • More and more people are saying: ENOUGH with the all those meds!

So the power is to the people. People who decide to get answers for their health; who want a better quality of life; who’d like to be healthy to see their children or grandchildren grow up. So there’s hope. There’s an awful lot of promise.

And if the doctors don’t want to change their model, it’s ok. We’ll be the futurists, you and I. Just regular people. We will find the information from good sources, from naturopathic or lifestyle/functional medicine doctors who are more in tune with what we have to say, and with what our body needs. And we’ll make it work.

5 Reasons Why You Should Seriously Consider Detoxing…

Peace, Love, and Health,

8 thoughts on “About Diet and Nutrition”

  • I used to wrestle and nutrition was critical to my success. If I ate the wrong food before a match, it would reflect in my performance on the mat. It is no different in day to day life. The food you put into your body has an impact on job performance, marriage success, and relationship wellness.

    You are right Didi. More people need to realize the critical connection between nutrition and disease. It just flies under most people’s radar. Thank you for sharing and I hope you have a great day!

    • Absolutely Alex! Like you said, nutrition flies under people radar, but I don’t think it’s completely hazardous. We need to be more involved and active in our health!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Hi Didi
    thanks for reminding me how important diet is. The truth is, doctors should embrace nutrition as one of the central aspects of health. It takes people like you who’ve experienced hospital care first hand to point out how important nutrition is. When the advice comes from a medical professional like yourself, people like myself tend to take it more seriously. So, thank you!

  • I checked the quote and Snopes confirmed it was an actual quote from Thomas Edison.

    My dad was an OBGYN and my mom was an LPN when they met. My mom lived the last 25 years of her life in chronic pain with severe fibromyalgia, and osteoperosis. She got to the point where she would take 2 morphone and it wouldn’t do anything for pain. She died 4 years ago around Mothers Day.

    My sister and brother have type one diabetes and my other sister has celiac disease. I myself am allergic to dairy, soy, walnuts, bananas, coconut, oats, and am sensitive to gluten. After the holidays I have switched back to eating a Paleo Diet and in one month have lost 13 pounds and have a lot more energy.

    • Hi Michael,

      ! As for your family health history, I’m really sorry to hear all the struggles you have been through. Lots of auto-immune diseases too… Great to see Paleo’s working out for you!

      Stay blessed

  • Thank you for this post! This is the discussion I am always having with my mother, who was a nurse too. We can attest to the benefits of choosing a healthier, more nutritionally sound lifestyle. It’s been a learning experience and one that we appreciate.

    I myself, have a son who was diagnosed with an interesting autoimmune condition almost 10 years ago, and opted to fight against the doctors wanting to put him on medications for probably the rest of his life. I chose nutrition and successfully got him off medications and rid of the condition. My son did not enjoy being sick and he now enjoys being healthy and strong.

    You really state a truth here, but unfortunately there are so many people who don’t choose a nutritional lifestyle, and they definitely put a lot of faith and trust in their doctors. Luckily, like you said, there are more and more people fighting for the cause, sharing the wisdom, and hopefully it will continue to spread. Thank you so much for this post.

    • Hi Jacquie, 

      Thank you for sharing your son’s testimony with us. So inpiring, I hope someone who reads this comment can see that, despite “irreversible” diagnosis, functional and lifestyle medicine can make a huge impact!

      Stay blessed!


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